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Mimi by PokemontrainerDenis
This is for :iconjjlawab: I wanted to make something for her because she really wanted to be my friend and because she made something for me. So i made her into something she really loves. I planed to make this few days ago but her birthday is today so i wanted this to be a birthday gift. So happy birthday and i hope you will like this. :D If you don't like the colors and eyes i can change them.
This is for everyone who knows :iconteamrocketjess: and for her watchers. Please help her. She needs us. Everyone who lives in her area please call her, everyone who is her watcher please write note to her and draw something for her to cheer her up and everyone who is her friend on Facebook please send her a message. I will try to make her something here on DA. Please i miss her and im afraid that she will do something to herself and that she will hurt herself. I'm worrying about her for the past 2 days. Please. I don't want to loose her. She was my very first best friend and the only one that i could talk for long time and have fun before i met my girlfriend, and i don't want to loose my dear sis. She is my family. Don't ignore this. I know that you won't listen to me and ignore me like EVERYONE in my life but this is importent. I want my sis back. I miss her and i care for her. I beg you. Please 



thunderthepikachu.deviantart.c… He is my Pokemon. I didnt caught him like other Pokemon trainers do. He offered me to be his trainer and i sad yes. I dont want to keep him in a Pokeball. So i want him to be free. He is sooo nice. The best Pikachu, best partner and the best friend ever. :D

The people i care for

:iconakanamihioshi: My sister. The one i can talk to.

:iconteamrocketjess: My best friend/sister. I talk to her. She is interesing girl to talk to.

:iconpiemastersmasterx: My number 1 sister. She is awesome girl and I love her soooooo much and i will give my life for her. She is THE BEST SISTER EVER.

I love you guys.

Just a guy who doesn't have any friends or girlfriend or anything/anyone and lonely from the day i was born :tears: *sniff* and who is visible and exist for people just to bully me, beat me up, emotionally and mentally abuse me and be rude at me :tears: and lives in the worst city in the world and in the worst country in the world where you have to be a douche bag, criminal and to be rude to get friends and girlfriend ( PLEASE DON'T ask me from country i am from because i don't want to talk about it and this happened last year when i meat friends from for example US and tell them where i live everything went down hill from there and *sigh* let's just say that......... just please don't ask me from what country i am and i don't live in US ) :tears: In this collage i'm going in everyone is friends with everyone except me.....the guys and girls i talked to one day the next day they won't even look at me much less be my friends and they just walk pass me like i don't even exist.....*sniff* and the guy acted like he wanted to punch this girl acting like a douche bag saying to the girl " Don't make me punch you in the face " and he started walking a few steps towards her like he really wanted to punch her and she smilled and acted like he said " i love you " to her but when i talk to everyone they ether don't listen to me or they roll their eyes or say to me to shut up and that i'm boring......*sniff* See where i live and what kind of people live here and what kind of life i have..... Plus my " aunt " pulls my nose by primising me when she came to visit me last year that she will do anything to help me come and live in US for ever and now she isn't doing anything, acts like she didn't promised me anything, acts like a douche bag towards me like everyone here where i live, telling me that i don't respect her and that i talk like a 5 year old just because i am telling her how i feel and my feelings and how my life is, and she is doing everything just so that i can't go and live in US......I will never ever have a normal life, normal friends and a girlfriend who want to talk to me, to comfor me, to be with me....*sniffs and cries*

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Which Happy Tree Friend Are You?
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